Pepup Programmes

The Pepup programmes are for anyone wanting to improve their health and fitness; whether it be for toning, weight loss, prevention, balance, strength; there are many benefits exercise will give us as we grow older but these are just a few of the important ones:

  • Improves mood and enhances self-esteem
  • Develops muscular and skeletal strength – Reduces pain
  • Improves heart rate and prevents risk of heart disease
  • Prevents other maladies; e.g. Stroke, Osteoporosis and Diabetes
  • Decreases blood cholesterol, reduces body fat
  • Improves body composition and muscular control and co-ordination
  • Helps prevent injuries & slows the progression of the conditions (such as Arthiritis)
  • Reduces dependence on pharmaceutical treatments
  • Helps you to regain independence & promotes a sense of achievement
  • Reduces the chance of developing other conditions – for example:
    Improves weight control (lessening the strain on joints)
  • Creates a lifelong positive attitude to fitness

There are a great range of affordable options which are designed to suit you and your fitness needs.

Our groups are kept small so that you can be sure of individual help as you progress to your fitness and health goals.

If you are interested then please give me a call.

Be Healthier, Fit and Feel Great!
Love…… ‘PEPUP ‘Programmes