My Story

I have gained some fantastic benefits through exercise (following a traumatic injury to both legs), these are; regaining 100% mobility, increased energy, better quality sleep, weight loss, body toning, increased confidence, improved balance and posture, better circulation, and much more!

Following rehabilitation exercises combined with nutrition and dietary changes, I have successfully made long-lasting changes to my own health and fitness.

In 2009  this traumatic accident to my legs caused severe ligament damage which required a complex surgery to the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament).  Subsequently I had very little mobility; remaining on crutches with many months spent in rehabilitation.  This injury opened my eyes to the power of exercise and dietary change and what can be achieved.  I have learned lots of techniques along the way and how to regain full mobility; so from this experience I can pass on the learning for ‘you’ to discover yourself – some of the amazing benefits you will gain through exercise.

Through my experience and increased level of health and fitness, I signed up with the UK’s top international training institute for health and fitness and became fully qualified as a professional trainer / exercise specialist with expertise in  food nutrition and supplementation. As a senior coach I specialise in helping people over the age of 50.

There is now ample evidence which confirms that by following a regular exercise routine and employing dietary routines (which are nutritionally compatible for us) we can all remain health and fit to a ripe old age!

The crux of the matter is, if you want to live longer, you have to ‘take action’ and be responsible for your own health; which means ‘taking the alternative route, we know, works!’  I also know that each step you take towards making lifestyle changes, with a ‘professionally qualified health and fitness coach’, will guide and help you to be healthier, fitter and to enjoy a fuller life with more activity.  In today’s climate, it is important that we all work ‘on our own’ health and fitness’ much more in our daily lives.  As preserving life appears to be a challenge for all of us. As environmental toxins and pollutants are depleting many natural resources the earth depends upon to sustain life.  This has an increasing effect on human health, unless the majority of solutions and choices we make – are not selfishly linked for ‘profit or ‘gain’, but directly focused on replenishing and renewal of our natural resources with innovative solutions; which the younger generation can sieze upon with focus and intent for a better future.

My message is simple – “Your health is in ‘your own hands’ – not in your GP or your partners, don’t leave it until its too late!  Every step to improvement that you take will add months and years to your life”.