Irene’s Story

Irene’s Story: When it comes to  ‘Irena’ Royal Jelly – Nothing else compares!

Passion, commitment and a love of her product, Irene epitomizes the radiance and beauty of good health in older age. Irene is unlike the average 70+ year olds, she is fit, healthy, energetic and, when not working on her business she is out playing a game of tennis or two and enjoying life to the fullest.  Not only this, her flawless complexion has many second guessing her age and not an inch of grey can be found in her full head of hair.  The success of the formula has achieved many testimonials of people who have had remarkable results – not least her own mother who got rid of her Arthritis by taking the formula.

The Royal Jelly formulation was created by Irene herself in conjunction with a Master in Complex Homeopathy and another Master in plat/herbal knowledge, and is an excellent blend which is naturally preserved in honey & Ginseng, Echinacea and herbs and has been used in the treatment of at least 75 different health conditions from allergies, digestive problems, diabetes, menopause and migraines right through to heart conditions, blood pressure, cancer, chemotherapy and prostrate problems, Royal Jelly can significantly reduce symptoms and in many cases eliminate the condition completely.

Irene’s first encounter with RJ was when she was around 40 years of age. After suffering from a retroverted uterus which was causing her a great deal of pain, Irene went through a hysterectomy. She was advised that she would need to take hormone replacement tablets and would go into early menopause. As well as the inevitable hot flushes, night sweats and other hormonal imbalance symptoms she was also advised she would be out of action for at least 6 months.

Strong willed and determined to avoid medication; Irene refused to take the tablets and instead took Royal Jelly. Astonishingly, she did not go into early menopause and instead made a full recovery and was back at her desk just one week later!  Not only did this incredible formula relieve Irene of her symptoms, it completely removed her migraines – from which she had suffered from at an early age – and dramatically improved her immune system, meaning she never suffers from coughs, colds or flu.

Around 30,000 people worldwide have incorporated Royal Jelly into their daily diet including professional athletes, showbiz celebrities and previously, even members of the Royal family with famous faces including Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, Princess Diana and Cliff Richard.

This is a unique formula which has been specially created by Irene; the formula is 10 times more potent than Royal Jelly in other forms thanks to the homeopathic potentisation, Echinacea and other herbs. Ingredients such as amino acid and glutamic acid are known to delay ageing, while the pantothenic acid helps to prevent premature grey. In addition elements such as inositol, lysine, phosphorus, silicon and sulphur are responsible for maintaining the skin, nails and hair, leaving them in peak condition and the ginseng, iron thiamine (B1) and cyanocobalamin (vit B12) provide an abundant source of natural energy.

“In the 40+ years, I have been involved with this remarkable substance and my unique formulation,” says Irene, “there has never been any harmful side-effects of contra-indications in any way, shape or form, including diabetics who are actually able to lower their units of insulin they take. Many people who believe they are allergic to Ginseng or any other ingredient, find that does not apply t this formulation. I also give it to babies before birth.”

Irene says “I have as many people making this a way-of-life as taking it just for a specific condition, since it has a cumulative effect on the internal body systems and there are many ongoing benefits.” My vision for sharing the success, and potent benefits the product holds, still stays strong today – with the biggest accreditations being the recommendations from one person to another.”

“From this amazing learning experience,” she concludes, “I still continue to astonish herself with the results that I see and hear about, I am still passionate and thrilled to bits with the way in which my unique formulation changes peoples’ lives, and have no intention of retiring. Why would I give up my magnificent obsession!”