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At ‘Pepup Health’ we work ‘for you’ and with you’ to achieve sustainable weight loss. With expert knowledge and coaching you can start to take ‘first steps’ in greatly improving your overall health. And to help you achieve results we can support you with a personalised exercise and nutrition plan.  With some unique therapies,  expert exercise training and a positive lifestyle approach to coach you ‘on your journey back to health’ – our motto at ‘Pepup  we say “Ageing is unavoidable but feeling old needn’t be!”.  

We only recommend – recognised suppliers we have used for many years – offering pure quality products that are guaranteed and tested for purity of quality and finest ingredients and a range of nutritional supplements that give the most effective results.  Therefore we are able to offer health products with a much better service for everyone – now available through pepup reseller service with Lily Loaf’s expert nutritional  team:  

All ingredients are ethical and safely manufactured in their own state of the art facility – To find out more about the range of premium, natural eco-friendly products from company, ‘Lily & Loaf’ with – Quality – Purity & Efficacy go to: our registered online shop Pepup Health – Lily & Loaf.

Increasing deficiencies in the soil means that most people are ‘depleted of healthy nutrients. The human body’s complex system depletes rapidly as we age and therefore needs much more nutrient quality to function optimally.

The owner of ‘Pepup’ has been using supplements since the 1980’s and has in-depth knowledge, up-to-date information and uses a range of reliably sourced, tried & tested product information to guide you on “how to start with a nutritional supplement plan”. We recommend that you  TAKE THE FREE LIFESTYLE TEST NOW.  There’s no obligation and it will give you an indication of what nutrient deficiencies you need to top up. At Pepup Health we offer quality and good value and are passionate about what we do; Just give us a call and we’ll offer you friendly impartial advice and a free interpretation of your results – there’s no obligation to buy the products – it’s your choice – but …you will save an instant discount of 15%. Call us on:  0333 006 4348.


This Unique Adult Formula, gives both MEN and WOMEN a “BOOST”

  • Contains pure, stimulating herbs to support vitality, circulation and libido
  • See OFFER – 2 Bottles of Boost Formula
  • 200 Capsules (32 day supply)
  • Fantastic Money Saving Multi-pack

What is it?
This unique adult formula is especially designed to support vitality levels. It contains carefully selected stimulating herbs and nutrients including l-arginine, maca extract, ginseng root, oat straw concentrate, red raspberry leaves, damiana leaves, licorice root, and sarsaparilla root. To find out more … click here?