Susan Christie – Owner

I am a ‘down to earth’, plain speaking Yorkshire lass who after many challenges is now living a healthy lifestyle in my later years.

I am passionate about health and fitness and engaging with all types of people and my sole quest is to help others live a better life. I hope that by sharing my health story, it will help others to also conquer their fears and challenges in life to lead a better, more rewarding life ….. I can therefore speak from the heart…..

As a fully qualified professional exercise and nutrition coach I can help you to get the most out of your health and fitness program to reach your goals and be the best you can be.

I specialise in core reflexes and exercises for mental fitness

I work with each of my clients to help them become fitter and healthier and use the latest research and up-to-date methods to help you get back to fitness.  I possess a strong training background; which is one of my strengths as it has real benefits for my clients.  Your health and safety are paramount and I can work alongside a physiotherapist, therapist or GP to create and environment which is adaptable and suitable for your needs.

I can help to inspire you with additional motivational tools and techniques.  I am dedicated to helping you succeed; whether through a group fitness programme, weight loss, specialist exercise and nutrition coaching.

Your health and wellbeing is my focus, but as a’human’, I like to have fun and try not to take myself too seriously!